Establishing your Brand Online – Part 3

Once you have a blog setup, you want to make sure you spend the time making your blog all that it can be.

Always be improving the presentation and layout of your blog. 

The blogging platform that I recommend is a self hosted WordPress blog.

WordPress makes it easy to customize the layout of your blog and since it is open source, there are a wide variety of plugins you can use to make your blog really stand out.

Find the right theme and don’t neglect the sidebar.

Remember that your sidebar will show up on every page of your blog, so take the time to set it up in such a way as to really engage your visitors.

You also want to make sure you have a way to capture the information of interested prospects and customers who are visiting your blog.

WordPress makes capturing leads easy and there are many plugins that will make your lead capture process very simple.

Make the presentation of your blog beautiful and remember that quality content is the driving force behind its success.

Really spend time on the content you deliver and break it up into bite sized chunks of information people can really use.

In other words, don’t make your articles too long.

A little bit of information goes a long way when it comes to really peaking the interest of your readers.



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I am a full time home business professional. I love life and look at every breath I breathe as a gift from the creator. I love my family and relationships. I want to experience as much of the good in life as possible before I leave this world. I believe that we are eternal and each of us has something amazing to offer. I believe that God is good.

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